Queen Society

Queen Society

Unleash your inner Queen

“Helping women raise their vibrations, consciousness, and most importantly their standards.”

Queen Society

Unleash your inner Queen

“Helping women raise their vibrations, consciousness, and most importantly their standards.”

Welcome To Queen Society

When someone ask you, “who are you?” Do you struggle with the answer because you don’t really know who you are away from the titles you wear on your hat?

I know that everyone doesn’t have the luxury to take off months of work to “find themselves” or is able to travel far and wide to different foreign places to “rediscover yourself” whether it be from putting everyone else first or getting over a break up or divorce. Women are so beautiful they are nurturers at heart, but it’s hard to pour into others when you don’t have it to give. How can you give someone peace, love, and confidence etc if you don’t have that in yourself?

I want to help women become the best version of themselves by helping them transition their mindset and start putting themselves first. So that they can give to others without feeling resentful.

I want to help women “Get their power back and be the most authentic version of themselves."



Do you feel like you have put everyone before you and have lost yourself in the process? Women are often forced or expected to step gracefully aside and help their loved ones achieve their dreams. Many lose themselves in the process and struggle to return to their own path and follow their own dreams. This guide will remind you of all the incredible gifts given to you by God and help you discover your full potential.


Honor the God

The sticks are made up of dried sage and rose petals. This is the fragrant 100% Turkish mountain grown sage. These white sage and Rose petal smudge sticks are beautifully bound so that they hold together while burning.

About Nakornsri

Nakornsri is an Inspirational Speaker, Author and  Workshop Facilitator.  She specializes in self-empowerment, social etiquette, and business protocol for women.

Her mission is to guide others to see the BEST in themselves so that they can become their BEST selves.

An observant and non-judgmental listener by nature, Nakornsri makes a deep connection with all her clients within a very short time.This creates a partnership of trust and mutual commitment.

Nakornsri understands the challenges involved in life changing transitions. After experiencing her own life changing challenges she has successfully reinvented herself. She decided to turn her life transitions into an opportunity to help others. Becoming a Life Coach is her life’s Purpose and Passion, helping other women unleash their inner Queen. 

By coaching individuals facing life-changing experiences whether those experiences are there by choice or by circumstances.

  • Helping people who are stuck and are looking for a way forward.
  • Supporting people experiencing a dramatic life changing event! 
  • Nakornsri helps business women pinpoint any hurdles as they work on overcoming those obstacles on the path to greater fulfillment and productivity.
  • Helping women develop their vision, create specific goals and achieve those goals!

Work With Me

You need the right support behind you and your dream!

1: 1 Coaching Call

A one hour coaching call.

Self-Empowerment Workshops

Helping my clients become the most powerful and authentic version of themselves, by helping them raise their vibration, raising their consciousness and most importantly raising their standards.

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Social Etiquette Workshops

If you become nervous, shy or get paralyzed in front of a large group of people, our social etiquette workshops will help you with your mannerisms, communication and your perception, behavior and treatment of people in general. 

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Business Protocol Workshops

Business protocol is the proper procedure of conduct within a company and between companies. We cover all aspects form etiquette, Attire, Communication, meetings. Business Protocol helps present a uniform, professional face to the public, to partners and clients.

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Social Etiquette Workshop
Self Empowerment Workshop
Purpose Dinners
Business Protocol Workshop

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Frequently asked questions

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a profession that is different from consulting, mentoring, advice and therapy. The coaching process is meant to address business success, general conditions and transitions in your personal and professional life.

What Happens In My Coaching Sessions?

We will examine what you have going on right now and discover what obstacles or challenges are holding you back from where you want to be. We will identify your passion and purpose in life and create your vision as well as the course of action needed to get there.

Why does life coaching work?

When you work with a life coach, you get a support system that provides:

  1. Accountability – Having someone to hold you accountable on a regular basis makes it easier to reach your goals.
  2. Expertise – You achieve more with someone who knows how to motivate, inspire and ask you questions that get you will provoke change in your mindset and approach to life.
  3. Delivery. As a coach I know how to use the right words to naturally motivate you. The regular interaction will help you foster new ways of thinking. Our coaching calls will be both challenging and uplifting, and will have you looking forward to all the amazing potential changes.
  4. Speed – With the help of coaching change happens a great deal faster than when you go it alone. The support, and the motivation have a big part to with this.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life Coaching is a designed partnership between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually empowers the client.

As your coach, I will ask empowering questions that will get you to the answers that you already know. Our coaching partnership is set to allow you to uncover the answers you need to move forward successfully.

Coaches have the ability to view things from afar. We bring in an objective view to your life. We help shed new light on difficult situations. We are here as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate.